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Take Risks. Go Balistik

Video Shooting for Carrefour and Bringo

Balistika / Video Shooting for Carrefour and Bringo

Is three a crowd? Not in marketing

You simply don’t say “no” to Carrefour, especially when Bringo joins the chat. Add a concept marketing cabal to the mix (that’s us) and you have yourself a very fun project. To celebrate the 5 million order threshold crossed by Bringo, a celebratory video featuring beloved influencers is more than welcome. Demanding project? Check! Proud delivery? You bet! Plenty of fun in the process? Not a doubt. Our entire filming team was there: camera boys, sound and lighting and also, quite a handful of Carrefour shoppers. But putting together the videos, editing and rendering, that’s where the real magic happens.


July 27, 2022