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Photography and video show

Change your perspective at the UK Photography & Video Show

Anyone interested in photography & video knows that the Photography & Video Show is not something you would want to miss out on. This year’s edition took place in March and unfolded in Birmingham, showcasing a fantastic line-up of professional products and experts in the field. And, as loyal pursuers of the visual crafts, we at Balistika joined the ranks of attendees and basked in the extensive range of products introduced as this year’s innovations.

Here’s what you missed

The event promised and delivered over 250 brands eager to present new items, services and countless surprises for freelancers and agencies alike. Brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, FujiFilm, OM System, Sigma, Irix Lens, Godox, Vanguard and more, boasted their products and hosted promotions on their prices for guests to “snatch” their favorite camera. 

Moreover, apart from cameras and tech, fans of photo & video also browsed through albums and wall art, experienced playing with a range of frames and studio props and benefited from training and tours. If you think that’s impressive, think again! Visitors also had the opportunity to join free sessions hosted by headline speakers such as Chris Jackson, Joe Cornish, Kelly Brown, Forough Yavari and other industry rockstars.

Masterclasses were provided, starting from beginner levels up to specialists and pros.  Forums for creativity tips, lounge lives, networking receptions and happy hour events helped round the event and brought together agencies, clients, providers and freelancers under the same roof. 

Topics such as “Editing & Post-production suite”, “Shooting film in a world of digital”, “Multiple exposure methods with film”, “How to make ANYONE photogenic”, “Creating images that speak to high paying clients” and “How to build a business on YouTube” were just a few of the important sessions presented to guests. As one would expect, speakers went above and beyond to help guests interact with products, understand tech principles and show a sneak peek into the future of photo & video.

Photography and Video Show

The highlights

Best part about attending the Photography & Video Show? You get to play with all the “toys” and when we say toys, we’re talking about the latest state-of-the-art cameras, powerful lenses, advanced lights and progressive sound systems. This particular event is one of the few chances you get to test out the new photo-video equipment and also, talk to the people who have created the new technologies. Various installations and models were brought to enhance our experience in shooting incredible photos and footage. It also helped that the prices for said items were preferential and accommodated even modest budgets. 

Another highlight we thoroughly enjoyed was the gallery area, where various professionals showcased their work. Seeing other people’s work is always an inspiration and adds to shaping the narrative when it comes to creativity, challenges and skills. We were introduced to the winning pieces in prestigious photo & video competitions and found out more about how to achieve success from different walks of life. 

Last but not least, the networking environment set by such events is the perfect ground for gaining new insights and establishing connections between like-minded individuals. Where else would you have the freedom to converse with industry professionals and discover new ways of collaborating on your business projects? 

We’re grateful to have participated and exchanged ideas with photo & video enthusiasts who continue to nurture our creative growth. 

Will we be attending the next edition of the Photography & Video Show? The answer is most certainly positive. Have we purchased any equipment or learned anything new from our experience? Well, it seems you’ll have to stick around and keep a close watch on our upcoming projects to see for yourself.

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