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Is AI copywriting the solution to better content marketing?

As of 2023, AI copywriting is at the threshold of marketing emancipation. The same can be said about anything AI, really. Wherever you look, both content specialists and regular people alike have started becoming more and more familiar with concepts such as “ai writing tools”, “ai image generator” and of course, “ai video generator”. We would go as far as saying dabbling with AI is nearly outdated since day by day, we are getting better at knowing how to use AI in order to suit our needs. We are trying to become experts at something that aspires to do everything for us. Better and highly efficient. Can you spot the irony in that?

So what is AI copywriting?

To put it simply, AI copywriting is employing artificial intelligence technology to generate any type of written content you desire. Be it for your website, social media or work assignments, AI copywriting is gaining popularity all across the business industry. At first glance, it appears easy to use and promises to fulfil requests with a single click. At a closer look, however, matters are a bit more complicated. 

AI platforms are complex and they evolve constantly by engaging machine learning algorithms that analyse user behaviours and experiences with the purpose of delivering proficient results. Said results can be applied to marketing copy, product descriptions, blog articles, and social media captions. It gives business owners and brand managers the impression that copywriters are no longer needed when they have so many AI copywriting tools at their disposal. However, AI copywriting is not perfect yet and even though it is constantly perfecting itself, not everyone can use it to its intended potential. 

Popular AI platforms

When it comes to copywriting, there are a few notable AI text generators out there. Freelancers, marketing agencies and business owners have been seduced into worshiping these “holy grails” of content generators and are waiting for the day when costs can be reduced, tasks oversimplified and copywriters extinct. After all, one of the misconceptions of the marketing industry is that writing copy is an easy task, anyone can do it because anyone can pick it apart. So let’s take a look at some of the best AI copywriting tools in 2023:

Chat GPT

Let’s get the obvious out of the way and start off with one of the most popular AI content generators: Chat GPT. Launched in November 2022, Chat GPT is an AI chat bot that uses language processes in order to deliver replies to your questions. 

Ever since its launch, it has attracted millions of users online and continues to improve based on its integrated learning systems. 


Another powerful copywriting tool is Jasper . While it is not free to use, word on the internet is that Jasper is worth every penny. Jasper allows you to write informative and long-form content that is tailored for websites, social media pages, e-commerce and more. What we like about this tool is that it can easily integrate with Grammarly, Surfer and it can even create its own AI images.

There’s no doubt you have stumbled across in your Google searches. This AI tool likes to be precise with the content it delivers so don’t be surprised if it asks you questions about your own requests. Given its modus operandi, we recommend using for social media posts instead of blog articles or else you will lose considerable time reaching your desired texts.

AI platforms
What about the pros and cons of using AI for generating content?

We thought you’d never ask. 


  • So much faster

You don’t need to worry about your copywriter having writer’s block or taking too long to deliver on that article, AI tools have got you covered. You just need to input your request and content will be generated. Moreover, if you have acquired a strong, full-feature tool, you can even ask it to adjust your content taking into account certain parameters that abide by your client’s brand book. 

  • Always available

AI tools are always there for you. They don’t get sick, they don’t require paid time off and more importantly, you can make it “work” overtime for you, without breaking any laws. I imagine that from a business owner’s point of view, this is the perfect employee. You can experiment with ai copywriting and you can ask endless versions out of it. And to quote someone working in the business, “Ai tools don’t have pride” – meaning they will never try to fight for their point of view. They don’t get offended and they don’t care if you think their ideas are lacking, they simply deliver based on what you ask of it.

  • Cost-effective and always improving

These types of AI software operate on a buy-once or buy a subscription basis which means that whatever option you go with, you will end up paying less than what you pay an employee. On top of that, software has no need for health benefits, paid vacation or bonuses – it will get the job done regardless. Moreover, AI is constantly upgraded and the problems you encounter today, developers are working hard to solve tomorrow in order for you to hurry up and say goodbye to those days when you had to deal with real human beings.

Sounds a bit grim, doesn’t it? Lucky for all of us, matters are never black and white, they are more of an ever changing shade of gray. For every good thing AI brings, there are, unfortunately, cons.


  • Faster but not necessarily more efficient

We’ve asked around and used AI ourselves for research purposes; these content tools are indeed impressive. For a very long time we wished we could snap our fingers and have something done and now, it’s possible, just by clicking on a button. And yes, it does the job very quickly but you need a few tries before it gets it right. Well, relatively right. You still need to read the entire thing, adjust, correct, add and subtract info as needed. It’s almost like having a junior professional you have to mentor and supervise until the job is presentable.

  • Missing the human element

Because it’s not human and AI isn’t there yet. That’s why it’s called “artificial”. Have you noticed how, no matter the subject or task, the result AI provides in terms of text is void of any personality? The texts have the same tone and by contrasting them, it’s easy to pinpoint how similar they are in terms of vocabulary. There is no humor, no irony and no smart connections between the lines – points that actually make a text worth reading. If you’re just looking to state information in a matter-of-fact tone then go ahead and use the impersonal ai tools.

  • Promotes laziness

Oh, you heard us, alright. Remember those days in the office when your coworker came up with an idea so good you couldn’t help but clap in appreciation? For some of us, that fact even lit a fire to encourage us to do better and come up with something of our own the next meeting. 

Those days might be gone should AI apps take the place of copywriters and content creators. If everything can be done by pressing “Enter” why should anyone ever make use of creativity anymore? It’s easy to lose focus when there is no more competition nor inspiration.

With all that being said, what will it be? Are you ready to jump on the AI bandwagon and never drop off? Will you have a joint team of “robots” and human professionals working for you? Or will you keep the AI revolution at bay and put your faith in copywriters? See you in 10 years, the world and your thinking might be completely different then.