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Take Risks. Go Balistik


Our introduction to you
Balistika logo

Balistika: Only the resolute will make a difference

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Balistika!

Our identity

Balistika is a cabal of marketing collaborators who have gathered under the same identity in order to tell a different kind of marketing story. We believe in brands that make a difference and we know that the best medium for success is talking less and showing more.
We do professional photography, SEO & conceptual copywriting, online marketing ads and last but certainly not least, we specialise in master videography. We like to think that if a photo is worth a thousand words, a video will brilliantly compact the entire story.

Our logo

For our logo, we chose to merge a skull for immortality and a stag’s antlers for wisdom and experience. It is in Balistika’s nature to strive for timeless ideas that stem from creative outlets we regularly perfect in our professional and personal projects.
We don’t want to fit in, we want to break barriers and be easily recognised.
If you strive for the same thing, perhaps we are a match.

Our mantra

Go balistik with our ideas.
We are not for everyone and that’s alright. Brands who wish to make a statement and take a chance on putting together something different are always welcome here.
Our projects are both national and international because creativity understands all languages. We’re always on the move, ready to challenge knowledge and apply a generous amount of ingenuity in everything we deliver.
How will your brand inspire us next?